Boutons de Manchettes

Entièrement travaillés à la main, en France, sur un tour de Lapidaire, sans automatisation ou autre processus industriel.

Bracelets sur mesure

Sélection des pierres une par une à la confection du bracelet dans notre atelier en France.


Sélection de pierres roulées, brutes et taillées

French manufacture of natural stone cufflinks

I make fashion accessories in the universe of stones, particulary natural stone cufflinks, tailored bracelets but also other creations according to my inspirations and my supplies, visit my site to discover them !

Without any industrial process or automation, I work gems in my workshop in France, I saw them, cut them and polished them to make unique pieces.

I also work on order and on request, to be done via our contact form.


Tiger’s Eye

Flat cufflinks in Tiger’s Eye


Hematite & Bull’s Eye

Tailored Hematite & Bull’s Eye Bracelet 8mm



Pyramid-cut cufflinks in Howlite

Who are we ?

Introduced to the Lapidary art by my internship supervisor Mr. Antoine Couvillers from “Lapidaire et Compagnie”, by the traditional French Jurassic method, I mainly create cufflinks but I don’t impose myself any limits in my creation process, which allows me to work on different supports.

Follower of “Slow Made”, authenticity, beautiful objects and things well done, I try to bring all of this together in my daily work.



Gems are worked in our workshop in France



Rehabilitate the notion of time to better manufacture



No industrial process or automation

The facetting of the stone

Here is a look at the stone’s collage on the dop, the facetting of a pyramid bull’s eye and a round lapis lazuli.

The polishing of the stone

Polishing a Lapis-Lazuli on a lead-tin platter loaded with 0-2 micron oil and diamond powder. And the result on Lapis Lazuli in pyramid, in the round and on Bull’s eye in pyramid and in 4 facet rectangle.

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